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Raised in loving Christian home, Bobbie wandered far away from God’s plan as a young adult. Chasing an illusive dream, she ended up on the Las Vegas music scene, struggling to find a real purpose for her life and fighting against the memories of abuse, addiction and feelings of inadequacy and failure. After losing her mother to cancer, and nearly losing her husband to a massive stroke, God spoke to her heart. She and her husband came back to the Lord and began a new and amazing chapter in their lives. After God's healing touch on her husband, they began Faithful Ministries, traveling throughout the U.S. sharing the message of God’s amazing grace. Though widowed in 2010, she continues to share this message of hope and forgiveness. Bobbie, an ordained Pastor, is a writer and musician. She still travels the U.S. as a singer and motivational speaker.

"We live in a crazy world of angry, hurting people lashing out because of the pain they hold on to. We see ourselves as both the victim and victimizer. What we fail to realize is that we are our own worst enemies. The biggest bully in our life is us. The only thing we can really trust is that God loves us and wants us back -- no matter what turn our lives have taken.

Learn to see yourself as God see's you. You are NOT defined by the worst moments of your life, but refined by the mistakes you've made.

No matter what you've done or who you've hurt, you are never so unlovable that He doesn't want to wrap you up in His big, capable, loving arms and heal your pain.

Because the blood, covers even regret -.

And His love heals with the gift of forgetfulness!"