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Do you know how much God loves you, or do you think you’ve overtaxed even His abounding patience? When we think of the amazing gift of God’s love and grace, it’s nearly impossible to accept it without question, let alone believe that it continues through all our mistakes. We can’t accept that He is willing to continue to reach out to us given all the ways we’ve managed to mess up our own lives and those of the ones we love. We lose our childlike ability to open our hearts to the mind-blowing, limitless love God has for us. And in the brief moments we do catch a glimpse of it, we’re so full of secrets, self-loathing and unforgiveness of ourselves, we can’t hold onto the beauty of it. If we can’t forgive us, how could He? Author, Bobbie Frye, will take us on a journey that explains why God never looks back and never holds our sin against us. She shows us why the only barrier between us God is learning to say “I Forgive Me”!  This book, with it's included 40-day devotional, is a great read, or can be used in conjunction with the workbook offered for Women's meetings and retreats.

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